The problem with disasters is that they are totally unscripted. They never come at a convenient time and what gets damaged us usually the thing you need the most. You can however prepare for them, and with computers, backups are a major part of that preparation. Unfortunately, very few people give backing up much serious thought until after they need it, and by that stage it is too late. This section is about the different ways a computer can be backed, what each type of back up is useful for, and guidelines on how to prepare backups for the time you actually need them.

Broken Computer

This computer went through a major flood and didn’t survive.

Stack of DiscsA full system backup is something that is absolutely essential to have if your computer system completely crashes. Unfortunately, it is not often done, even by those who are pedantic about data backups. A full system backup is one that will allow you to start with nothing, and rebuild your system back to a fully working system without having to reinstall the operating system or applications. Read More →